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The Daily Dish: January 22, 2016

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news

Today’s first course?

A Bittersweet End for Sweet’N Low’s Brooklyn Factory

After almost 60 years, the factory where Sweet’N Low was first created is shutting down. All 320 factory workers will be laid off, some of which have worked at the company for decades. Global competition and high costs of labor and real estate contributed to this shutdown. Despite this, the news came as a shock to employees. Delbert Ranger, 52, who has worked as a machine operator at the company for about six years, says,

“It's just like a bomb just dropped on us…” As a result, workers have protested the closing. According to Chicago Tribune, the company is helping employees find new jobs and working with their union, however details of where the over 300 workers will end up is still unclear.

Gordon Ramsay Is Getting His Own Mobile Game

And now that he’s conquered nearly every other entertainment medium, Gordon Ramsay is coming for your smartphone. Details about the game remain relatively sparse, but we can safely expect Ramsay’s role as an international “culinary master” to be front and center. Ramsay himself will provide his voice and likeness for the game, as well as creative input. And, judging from Ramsay’s television credits, we’re guessing that the game, developed in collaboration with mobile game maker Glu Mobile Inc., will require players to win the culinary approval of an intimidating chef Ramsay, à la Hell’s Kitchen or MasterChef.

Thieves Make Off with More Than Four Tons of Coffee

Some mornings it feels like there is not enough coffee in the world, and now there is even less, because some very bold thieves have somehow made off with more than four tons of coffee. According to The Local, the dastardly deed occurred in Sweden, where some strange men loaded up a truck with more than 8,800 pounds of coffee packs originally intended for a Coca-Cola company in Norway, where it would have been sold under the popular Chaqwa label. As soon as they knew they were caught, however, the thieves sped off in the truck with the coffee, which police estimate was worth $59,000.

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