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The Daily Dish: January 20, 2016

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news
The Daily Dish 1.20.16

Today’s first course?

Glasgow 10K Fun Run to Give Runners Wine, Not Water

The organizers of a 10 kilometer fun run in Glasgow will not be giving runners water at each rest station, but “wines of the world” instead.

Every two kilometers, runners will get a small cup of a wine representing a different region of the world. The company behind the race are also known for hosting “choc-athlons” and “pie-athlons,” where runners are enticed with dessert at every interval. But even if you’re not up to participating in the marathon, each of the wines of the world will be on sale at the end of the race.

Tourists Caught Smuggling 48 Live Eels Through Airport

And some tourists were caught trying to smuggle 48 live eels from Madrid to Hong Kong in their suitcases. According to The Local, the Madrid Airport narrowly avoided a Snakes on a Plane-type situation this week when customs officials caught a group of passengers trying to smuggle 48 live eels to China in their checked luggage. The other passengers should probably be grateful the smugglers were trying to check the eels in specially chilled suitcases, rather than trying to sneak them through in their carry-on baggage. The snakes were bound for Hong Kong, but have since been rerouted to Madrid’s Zoo-Aquarium, where experts will check to see if the eels are common eels, or the critically endangered European eel, which is a protected species.

The World Now Has an EDM Food Truck for Ravers Who Love to Eat

When it comes to weird food trucks, we thought we’d seen them all, from a Harley that sells hamburgers to the Planter’s Nutmobile. But we have to admit we’re pretty pumped for the arrival of Electronic Dance Munchies: a rave and a solar powered food truck all in one. The EDM truck just launched its fundraiser on Kickstarter and, if all goes well, will be launching across New England by the end of 2016. According to the Kickstarter, Electronic Dance Munchies’ founders will be primarily selling cold and hot wraps and paninis, as well as coffee, bagels, and even dog treats. So drop the beat; just don’t drop your freshly-pressed panini.

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