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Guy Fieri Meets Mickey Mouse

The mayor of Flavortown is taking on Disney. Guy Fieri will be developing a specialty burger and sandwich menu for Planet Hollywood’s Orlando flagship, which will reopen this fall as the Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs. Fieri said, “For the Planet Hollywood Observatory, I'm bringing a big time burger and sandwich menu with real deal flavors for everyone.”

Research Proves Kids Can’t Actually Get Sugar High

When you were little, your mom probably wouldn’t allow you to have overly sugary foods, especially before nap- or bedtime. Sure, it was probably partially due to cavity fears, but mom also wanted to avoid giving you that dreaded sugar rush. The idea that sugar makes kids hyperactive has been a persistent rumor for decades. But new research has proven that sugar highs are a myth. . Live Science just broke down the science used to reach this conclusion: According to the study, children who were given artificial sweeteners and told they were receiving sugar still acted hyper despite, the absence of the offending substance. Maybe it was never the sugar after all; maybe it was just kids.

This Burger Is Soaked With So Much Bourbon, You Have to Be 21 to Order It

Bourbon glaze is becoming a pretty common ingredient in swanky burgers, but what about a burger that’s so saturated with booze, you have to be 21 to order it? The The Spiked Bulleit Bourbon Burger served at the St. Louis locations of Bar Louie has got people talking. It’s topped with cream cheese, Cheddar, bacon, and crispy onion rings — and a slather of barbecue jam spiked with bourbon. The catch is that the bourbon is added after the jam has cooled, so the alcohol doesn’t burn off, and you get a nice buzz with your beefy bun. You have to have a valid 21-and-over license to order this bad boy; according to the chain's owners, chowing down on the burger is equivalent to doing a shot.

Live Chickens Accidentally Dumped From Semi Truck Right Outside of a KFC

On Tuesday, a semi-truck in Australia lost its cargo in transit. This was no slightly amusing beer and chips spill, howeer. The truck was hauling crates of live chickens, and it lost its load just outside…a KFC. Jessica Carter, a vegan, filmed the aftermath of the incident in which the chickens were rounded up and returned to their crates, and she posted the video on FacebookA KFC representative said that despite the coincidence, the chickens were not meant for KFC. 

Milkmen Cry for Fans to Stop Spilling Milk Over Indian Actor Rajinikanth

For decades in India, fans of the 65-year-old Tamil actor Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, best known as Rajinikanth, have regularly bathed pictures of him in thousands of gallons of milk, a sign of devotion usually reserved for Hindu idols. A. Ponnusamy, president of the Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Employees Welfare Association, opposes the practice, noting that fans waste anywhere between 11,000 and 16,000 gallons of milk per day in the weeks following the release of a new Rajinikanth film. The milk dealers are urging the star to dissuade his fans from spilling perfectly good milk, and instead organize blood, eye, and organ donations at theaters screening his new movie, Kabali.

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