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The Daily Dish - August 30, 2016

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French Restaurant Refuses to Serve Muslim Women

A restaurateur in a suburb of Paris is in the hot seat after allegedly refusing to serve two hijab-wearing Muslim women who tried to go to his restaurant, Le Cenacle, Saturday night. A video, said to have been taken by one of the women, shows the owner of the restaurant asserting: “Terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists.” The restaurateur attempted an apology in front of his restaurant on Sunday morning, insisting that he had gotten “out of hand” due to having lost a friend in the terrorist attack on the Bataclan concert venue last November.

Lobster Festival Serves Hot Dogs After Airline Loses Lobsters

A Canadian lobster festival turned into an impromptu hot dog festival when Air Canada reportedly lost all the lobsters that were on the menu. The Northern Alberta Lobster Festival had ordered 100 live lobsters weighing a total of 145 pounds, but the day of the festival they were nowhere to be found. While organizers tried desperately to locate their missing crustaceans, some vendors gave up and started serving hot dogs instead. The lobsters were eventually located in Toronto, but by the time they arrived at the site of the festival, 18 hours late, most of them had spoiled, and the disappointed festivalgoers had gone home full of wieners. Next year, organizers say they’ll be holding a pork festival instead.

Nestlé Makes Matcha Green Tea for Coffee Machines

Matcha green tea is popular, highly caffeinated, and delicious, but it’s pretty labor intensive to prepare. Now, however, Nestlé has announced that it has created a new line of matcha pods for Nescafé machines. The new matcha pods, for use in Nestlé’s Dolce Gusto Nescafé machines, can make a cup of frothy matcha in less than a minute. The matcha in the new pods is from Uji City in Kyoto, which is famous for producing high-quality tea. Boxes of the pods will go on sale in Japan in October for about $8.91 per box.

Rival Beers Actually Taste the Same, German Study Says

In Germany, the cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf have been mocking each other’s beer for generations. A German researcher, with the unlikely name of Dr. Helmut Quack, has looked into the phenomenon and says both beers actually taste the same. Cologne is famous for its Kölsch pale ale, while Dusseldorf prizes its local Altbier, which is dark and the color of copper. Residents of each city have traditionally claimed that their beer is the best, and the other is sad and flavorless by comparison. Professor Quack assembled 50 men from each city to taste Kölsch and Altbier and say which they preferred. In each group, 78 percent of the men said they preferred the product of their own cities. But then Professor Quack had them taste the beers while blindfolded, and they couldn’t tell the difference. The beers’ flavors were described as “nearly equal,” and when asked which beer they thought was which, the results were no more accurate than would have been obtained by flipping a coin.

World’s Boldest Customer Does a Dine and Dash, Then Posts a Bad Review of the Place

A TripAdvisor reviewer left a scathing one-star review of an establishment called Vito’s Italian Restaurant in Sheffield, England. He said it was “the worst but most expensive place to eat in Sheffield.”  The owner read the review and realized that the reviewer was one half of a couple who had eaten their entire meal in January and then run off without paying. Vito’s had the last laugh when the owner posted the one-star review to Facebook along with a response that told everyone just what kind of stunt the writer had tried to pull.

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