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The Daily Dish: February 5, 2016

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The Daily Dish 2.5.16

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One Million Americans to Lose Food Stamps After 3-Month Unemployment Limit Resumes
As the economy makes strides from a disastrous recession, more than a million Americans are about to have their food stamps tossed. Approximately 45 million Americans are on food stamps as of last month, but in two months, SNAP privileges will be withdrawn for more than one million people who rely on federal aid. Since 2009, during much of the recession, the state and federal-mandated three-month unemployment cap for SNAP recipients was waived as jobs were hard to come by. By April 1, SNAP recipients who are still without jobs after the 90-day grace period are out of luck (and out of benefits). The three-month time limit specifically applies to able-bodied adults ages 18-49 who do not have dependents in their household.

E. coli Outbreak May Be Over, but Troubles Remain for Chipotle
You might not want to reach for that burrito just yet. Though the CDC announced Monday that the Chipotle E. coli outbreak is over, the chain’s troubles are far from resolved. A federal investigation, has widened beyond a single restaurant in California. The chain has been served another subpoena, requiring Chipotle to produce documents related to company-wide food safety dating back to the beginning of 2013. Chipotle reported its fourth-quarter earnings yesterday, confirming a 14.6 percent drop in sales at established locations. The company hopes its multi-pronged recovery plan will bring its loyal customers back and attract new ones. To find out what leaders are doing to attract both old and new customers, click on this story in the News in Brief section.

Does a Vegan Lifestyle Really Make You Better at Sex? PETA’s Claim Is Fact-Checked

PETA’s raunchy commercial may have been rejected for airtime during the Super Bowl, but the ad is making waves anyway. In the commercial, PETA compares the stamina of two bedmates: one vegan, and the other meat-eating. The tagline “Last longer. Go Vegan” doesn’t leave much to the imagination. But how much truth is there to the idea that plant-based diets can improve your sexual stamina? Doctors and nutritionists do agree that a healthier lifestyle — eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly — will improve sexual health, but a better diet doesn’t necessarily translate to “give up all meat forever.” A new study from the U.K.'s University of East Anglia alongside Harvard researchers concluded that regularly consuming flavonoids, which are commonly found in berries and citrus, could stave off erectile dysfunction, while The Daily Meal just published a list of foods to eat to improve sexual health that includes leafy greens, beets, oats, and pistachios.

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