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The Daily Dish: February 19, 2016

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news
The Daily Dish 2.19.16

Today’s first course?

Whole Foods Recalls Pecorino Aged Cheese for Possible Listeria Contamination

Leaders with Whole Foods issue a recall of its Pecorino Aged Cheese in Walnut Leaves sold in two stores for possible listeria contamination.

The affected stores are located in Bowery, New York City, and West Palm Beach, Florida. The cheese tested positive for listeria during a routine inspection conducted by the supplier. Customers who have purchased the recalled cheese are instructed to discard it and bring in their receipt to Whole Foods to receive a full refund. No illnesses relating to the cheese have been reported yet. To find out if your cheese is affected, click on this story in the News in Brief section.

Delta Partners with Danny Meyer to Completely Transform Airline Food

New York City’s ace restaurateur Danny Meyer plans to take his expertise to new heights. Union Square Hospitality Group is partnering with Delta Airlines to bring new meal options on-board. The goal for this new partnership is to serve food on international flights from John F. Kennedy Airport that tastes just as good a few miles above sea level as it does in a restaurant. To find out what Meyer and his team of chefs plan to put on the menu, you can read the full article in the News in Brief section.

You Can Eat at Least One Egg a Day Without Increasing Your Risk of Heart Disease, Study Says

A new report on the coronary effects of high-cholesterol diets and regular consumption of eggs, which are high in cholesterol compared to other foods, challenges a widely held belief that too many eggs per week can increase one’s risk of cardiovascular disease. The study, which measured the dietary intakes of a little more than a thousand middle-aged men with no known indications of cardiovascular disease, followed up with the subjects two decades later to find that only 230 men had experienced a heart attack. The findings suggest that regular egg consumption and a high level of dietary cholesterol does not independently increase an individual’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

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