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The Daily Dish: February 11, 2016

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The Daily Dish 2.11.16

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Jury Rejects Drunk Driver’s Explanation That His Booze Breath Was From Beer-Battered Fish

A jury in Wisconsin has rejected a drunk driver’s explanation that he smelled of alcohol during a traffic stop because of the beer-battered fish he’d eaten earlier that day. According to a police report obtained by the Smoking Gun the driver was driving with a revoked license, and was visibly intoxicated at the time of his traffic stop. When questioned if he had been drinking, the driver said that he had only had beer-battered fish. The officer also noted that there was an open can of beer in the passenger’s seat. After a sample of his blood was drawn to test his blood alcohol level, the driver told his arresting officer that “he was going to sue us for taking his blood because it was against his religion.”

What Cotton Candy Machines Can Teach Us About Creating Artificial Organs

Cotton candy machines may prove instrumental to our understanding of how to make artificial organs, a new study from the journal of Advanced Healthcare Materials suggests. Cotton candy, which is formed by intricate networks of incredibly thin threads of sugar, is comparable to the size, density, and complexity of the patterns formed by capillaries — the tiny vessels that deliver nutrients and oxygen to cells, and transport waste. Now, a team of researchers from Vanderbilt University reports that it has used a cotton candy machine to create a three-dimensional artificial capillary system that “can keep living cells viable and functional for more than a week, which is a dramatic improvement over current methods.”

Burger King Creates the Whopper of Hot Dogs

You’ll be able to get your flame-grilled hot dog fix at Burger King now. Grilled Dogs will be available at Burger King restaurants nationwide beginning February 23. The chain is launching Grilled Dogs made with 100 percent beef, flame-grilled on the same grill the WHOPPER® is, and served on fresh, fluffy baked buns. With the introduction of Grilled Dogs as a permanent menu item, Burger King will serve hot dogs in more restaurants than any other restaurant chain in the United States. They will be offering a Classic Grilled Dog topped with ketchup, mustard, chopped onions, and relish; and a Chili Cheese Grilled Dog topped with warm chili and shredded Cheddar cheese.

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