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The Daily Dish: February 10, 2016

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news
The Daily Dish 2.10.16

Today’s first course?

Red Lobster Sales Spike, with Beyoncé’s Blessing

You’ve probably heard of the Oprah effect, but what about the Beyoncé effect? Seafood chain Red Lobster saw a significant spike in sales and

social media attention over the past weekend, and it wasn’t because of its annual ‘Lobster Fest’ promotion. Beyoncé inadvertently boosted the chain by mentioning it in a series of ‘off-color’ lyrics in her new song “Formation,” which she performed during Sunday’s big game. The company saw a 33 percent spike in sales over last year on Sunday, garnered over 300,000 tweets, and trended on Twitter for the first time in the brand’s history. 

Hillary Clinton Makes Coffee and Milkshake Runs

In an effort to work on her ‘everyman’ image, Hillary Clinton has been seen making coffee and milkshake runs for her campaign team. On Sunday, Clinton visited a Dunkin’ Donuts in Flint, Michigan, where the presidential candidate and her top aide agonized over the menu before deciding on a #6 (egg white flatbread with coffee) and a #10 combo (turkey sausage sandwich with coffee). Clinton shook hands with workers and customers, spoke with supporters, and even took the time to take a couple selfies with supporters. She spoke at a church later that evening regarding the Flint water crisis, calling it immoral. Clinton then moved on to New Hampshire to campaign ahead of the primary. She made a stop at a local landmark restaurant, Puritan Backroom, to grab some milkshakes in assorted flavors, all while getting photographed by media and speaking to supporters.

This Woman’s McDonald’s Happy Meal Appears to Look the Same After Six Years

Another day, another person uncovering the shocking truth about McDonald’s food: It doesn’t decay, or at least, the food appears to decay at alarmingly slow rates. Jennifer Lovdahl, from Alaska, posted a photo of a McDonald’s Happy Meal on Facebook  that shows barely any signs of aging after sitting in the back of her office for six years (with receipt of proof of purchase). The Happy Meal, which consists of four McNuggets and French fries, looks slightly drained of color, but other than that shows no sign of wear, tear, or mold. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen people experiment with ageless McDonald’s food. The record for longest-running untouched McDonald’s meal still belongs to David Whipple, who purchased a burger in 1999 from McDonald's that refused to decompose 15 years later. 

That’s the Daily Meal’s Daily Dish, thanks for watching. Stop by tomorrow for another helping. 

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