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The Daily Dish: Engineering Students Want to Brew Beer on the Moon

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Engineering Students Want to Brew Beer on the Moon

Forget growing lettuce on Mars — the important space mission we should be focused on is the plan to put a brewery on the moon. A group of young scientists want to make that happen courtesy of a contest being held by the Indian startup Team Indus, part of the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. Team Indus is calling on all scientists under 25 to envision a sustainable settlement on the moon, and the winning team will launch its project aboard the Lunar X on Dec. 28, 2017. Six students from the University of California, San Diego — who comprise “Team Original Gravity” — have been shortlisted in Team Indus’ Lab2Moon competition for their idea to test the fermentation of yeast in space and brew beer on the moon.


Japanese Chef Wows Twitter With Daikon Radish Chain

A Japanese chef wowed Twitter this week when he posted a photo of a single large daikon radish carved into a chain of radish links, casually appearing to defy all logic. Twitter users were shocked and wondered whether the chef had maybe just carved rings out of the daikon radish and somehow linked them together so subtly that the connections couldn’t be seen. But, no — he really did carve it all in one piece out of one large daikon, Rocket News 24 reported. Though it looks like magic, it’s actually just some really good knife skills at work.

Villa Italian Kitchen

This Cheeky Pizzeria Is Serving an ‘Alternative Facts Zero-Calorie Meat Lovers’ Pie

President Donald Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway made headlines last weekend for referring to the inauguration crowd size numbers as “alternative facts” in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press. The hashtag #AlternativeFacts has taken on a life of its own since then, and one pizza chain is cashing in on the popularity of the non-sequitur with a “zero-calorie meat lovers pan pizza.” Villa Italian Kitchen, a fast-casual Italian chain owned by Villa Restaurant Group, posted the “#AlternateFacts Pie” on Facebook, much to the amusement of its customers. The pizza is loaded with bacon, pepperoni, ham, sausage, sauce, and “100 percent whole milk mozzarella,” for maximum irony. Despite this onslaught of heart-attack-laden toppings, it *miraculously* contains zero calories. As the restaurant said, “It’s going to be YUGE!”

Wikimedia Commons

Humanity Has Been Graced With Twinkies Ice Cream

As if fried Twinkies weren’t enough, now we have Twinkie ice cream to satisfy all your sweet-tooth cravings and artery-clogging needs. Hostess announced it would be selling limited-edition ice cream flavors of fan-favorite cake snacks, including Hostess CupCakes, Sno Balls, and Twinkies. The ice cream will be available from February until the end of May, exclusively at Dollar General, so stock up on your snack cake-flavored icy treats.


McDonald’s Is Giving Away Bottles of Special Sauce to Celebrate New Big Mac Sizes


All McDonald’s fans know that special sauce is an integral part of the Big Mac formula, and now the Golden Arches is giving away 10,000 bottles of the stuff just to celebrate the launch of two new Big Mac sizes. To snag a bottle for yourself, you have to utter the phrase, “There’s a Big Mac with that,” at any participating McDonald’s. The 10,001st bottle will be auctioned off to support the Ronald McDonald House charity. The bottled special sauce has been kicking around for a while in international McDonald’s markets, but this is the first time it will be introduced to American customers.