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Eat at Taco Bell and Feed a College Scholarship

Taco Bell has announced that starting today and over the next two weeks they will be donating 10 cents from every Doritos Locos taco purchased, up to $500,000, to the Live Más scholarship fund. Taco Bell’s Live Más scholarship is dedicated to the future “innovators, creators, and dreamers” of the American job force. In 2017, the fast-food company plans to give out $1,000,000 in scholarships to 100 eligible students. Earlier this year, scholarship recipients were called upon to create new television commercials and reinvent taco packaging, and the program connected the students to veterans in the fields of advertising and marketing.

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Jimi Hendrix's Family Continues to Feud Over Jimi-Branded Weed and Vodka in New Suit

Jimi Hendrix’s legacy still lives on, not only through his music, but also through novelty merchandise; however, not all Hendrix-inspired products are celebrated. Last week, a complaint was filed by Authentic Hendrix LLC and Experience Hendrix LLC, run by Jimi’s half-sister Janie, accusing Jimi’s brother Leon of infringing trademarks by using the musician’s likeness to promote alcohol and cannabis products. Leon, along with business partner Andrew Pitsicalis, sells marijuana, food, liquor, and electronics under the company Purple Haze LLC, which uses Jimi’s name and likeness, Mashable reported. This isn’t the first time the Hendrix family has butted heads — last year, Leon and Pitsicalis lost a lawsuit regarding their “Purple Haze” liquor, named after one of Jimi’s songs.

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Brazil’s Tainted Meat Scandal Worsens as China and the European Union Ban Imports

Two of Brazil’s largest meat producers, JBS and BRF, have become embroiled in a far-reaching scandal in which bribed health inspectors allowed tainted and mislabeled meat to reach the hands and mouths of consumers. According to The Economist, the corrupt practices included overusing harmful additives, repackaging meat to change sell-by dates, and making turkey products out of soybeans instead of actual meat. Shortly after the scandal leaked to the press, China, Japan, Mexico, the European Union, Chile, and South Korea collectively banned some or all imports of Brazilian meat. Together, these countries comprise one-third of the global Brazilian meat market. Although the EU’s new guidelines are not as stringent, China and Chile have completely banned all Brazilian meat from crossing their borders “until further notice.”

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Southern Tier Brewing Company

Thin Mint Cookie-Flavored Beer Is Here

Girl Scout cookie fever has reached a frenzy, and if you’re searching for an adult beverage to pair with your sweet stash, look no further than Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, New York. This craft brewery has created a Thin Mint cookie-flavored beer cleverly named called Thick Mint. The Thick Mint beer is brewed with mint and cocoa nibs and, for obvious reasons, is not officially endorsed by the Girl Scouts, according to Food & Wine. You can find Thick Mint, as well as the rest of Southern Tier’s tasty beers, at their New York location, Pittsburgh location, or various regional retail outlets and bars in the Northeast.

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Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods Will Open Its Own Factory to Churn Out ‘Bleeding’ Meatless Burgers

Do you remember that bleeding vegan burger that no one could stop talking about? Pretty soon, anyone will be able to give it a try. Impossible Foods, the company behind the plant-based burgers, opened a factory in Oakland, California, where they will be able to churn out one million pounds of beefless burgers each month, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The Impossible Burger is made with plant proteins and the heme molecule, which gives the burger a distinctive “bleeding” texture like real medium-rare beef. Impossible Foods’ 67,000-square-foot factory had its grand opening this week and will begin production this summer. Impossible Foods is available at a handful of eateries nationwide, including Bareburger and David Chang’s Nishi, and will expand to 1,000 restaurants by the end of 2017.


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