The Daily Dish: Drunk Birds Fall All Over Road, Cause Huge Traffic Jams

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The Daily Dish - October 12, 2016

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Drunk Birds Fall All Over Road, Cause Huge Traffic Jam

Drivers in Austria found themselves in a real-life horror movie this week when a cloud of birds began dropping onto the road and flying into moving cars, and experts are now saying the birds were drunk on berries. According to The Local, the birds were falling all over themselves along a stretch of highway between Inzersdorf and Vösendorf in Austria, causing a miles-long traffic jam that freaked out a lot of drivers. Bird experts were initially confused as to why the birds were exhibiting such behavior, but they quickly determined that some nearby berries had been left to ferment on bushes and had turned alcoholic. The birds had eaten as many as possible, and a whole flock of starlings became falling-down drunk. No humans were reportedly injured in the incident.


Facebook/Tic Tac

Tic Tac Distances Itself From Donald Trump’s Comments About Women

Tic Tac was minding its own business this week when suddenly it found itself dragged into the world of political scandal; and the candy-maker wants nothing to do with the publicity. On Friday, the Washington Post released footage from 2005 that showed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump making vulgar and predatory remarks about women, including describing attempts to grope or seduce them. Trump reportedly caught sight of actress Arianne Zucker and told Access Hollywood host Billy Bush, “I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her.” Tic Tac does not appear to have been pleased with the mention, and on Saturday, it announced on its Twitter account that it found the comments inappropriate and emphasized that Tic Tac respects women.



Ann Arbor Ruth’s Chris Gives Massive Discount After Football Promotion

A Ruth’s Chris steakhouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan, said that if the Michigan Wolverines beat Rutgers’ football team in their game this week, it would offer a percentage discount equal to however many points by which the team won. Then Michigan defeated Rutgers 78-0. According to ESPN, manager Buzz Goebel posted the offer on the restaurant’s Facebook page, and luckily, at the last minute, he amended the ad to cap the offer at a 50-percent discount. The landslide victory was unexpected, but the restaurant says it will honor the 50-percent discount. Every available reservation was quickly booked as soon as word of the promotion got out, and Goebel said there was a line at the door on Sunday when the restaurant opened.


Wikimedia/Achaia Vat

Chinese Team Wins French Wine-Tasting Competition

This weekend one of the world’s top wine-tasting competitions was held at the Château du Galoupet in Provence, and the team from China won the entire competition. According to The Telegraph, teams from 21 different countries entered the contest, and the teams from France, Spain, and Belgium were the favorites to win. Each team tasted six white wines and six red wines, and had to determine the type of grape, country of origin, appellation, and vintage of each without seeing the bottle or the label. Last year, the Chinese team finished 13th.



Brigham Young Starts ‘Milktoberfest’ Tradition

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Oktoberfest is a beloved drinking holiday at universities around the world, but not at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, where consuming alcohol is not allowed and goes against the school’s honor code. Now, however, BYU students will get their own version of the holiday. According to the Herald Extra, "Milktoberfest" is promoting itself as a “holiday for drinking milk and doing homework.” During the inaugural event, students can enjoy free chocolate milk and cookies, with folk dance performances and mini golf in the library. Four hundred bottles of chocolate milk with Milktoberfest labels have been given away, and the event has been deemed a huge success.