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The Daily Dish: December 28, 2015

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news
The Daily Dish 12.28.15

Today’s first course?

McDonald’s in Japan Introduces Two Fancy Cakes to McCafe by Barista

McDonald’s Japan closes out its eventful year of food launches with the Sachertorte and Chocolat Zuccotto. The Sachertorte, an Austrian cake known for its deep chocolate flavor, is being offered for a limited time only through mid-January. But the Chocolat Zuccotto, an Italian dessert consisting of a mixture of almonds and chocolate chips in a cream, is a permanent addition to McCafe. Both cakes are being sold for around 300 yen (which is about 3 USD). Customers are responding quite positively to the additions, boasting about the quality of the desserts.

Foodborne Pathogens Like Salmonella Can Survive for at Least 6 Months in Cookies and Crackers, Researchers Find

And bad news for everyone who baked ahead for the holidays; researchers were surprised to find that salmonella can survive for months in low-moisture foods, like cookies and crackers. The study was prompted by a recent increase in the number of food poisoning outbreaks linked to particularly dry foods. Typically, high-moisture environments are ideal for the cultivation of foodborne bacteria. Although during the study the pathogen salmonella survived for about six months! So be careful about how you store those extra holiday sweets.

Justin Bieber Might Need a Few Pointers on Tipping

With tipping still a hot topic in the restaurant industry it seems that some people, like Justin Bieber, may need a few pointers when it comes to the gratuity of a check. Bieber was comped a $1,600 tab at an Atlanta nightclub and left a $400 dollar tip. Receiving free meals is nothing new to a celebrity, but what exactly is the etiquette on tipping? Bieber definitely left an above average tip of 25 percent, but some say the tip should be around 50 percent when the establishment is footing the bill. This certainly begs the question: Was Bieber in the wrong?


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