The Daily Dish: December 2, 2015

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The Daily Dish 12.2.15

Nativity scene made entirely of cheese, mouse head found inside McDonald's burger, and Starbucks major accomplishment.

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Today’s first course?

Woman Creates Realistic Nativity Scene Entirely From Cheddar Cheese

Merry Christmas from the U.K.! A nativity scene there is getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. The sculptor’s material of choice in creating this iconic scene was cheese. The food artist was commissioned by Pilgrim’s Choice cheese and the sculpture itself contains 88 pounds of Cheddar. The piece will be on display this month at the Chill Factore indoor skiing resort in Manchester.

McDonald’s Mexico Claims Patron Planted Mouse Head in Their Burger; Plans to Sue

And a mouse is causing quite a stir in Mexico. A mouse head was discovered by a McDonald’s customer in their burger. The fast food chain was promptly shut down by the health department; however, McDonald’s is not taking responsibility for the rodent. Instead, they are launching an investigation and claim that the mouse head was planted. They plan to sue the patron who planted it for slander.

Starbucks Is Officially the Greenest Company in the World

But not all restaurants are facing such difficulties. Starbucks has opened its 700th LEED certification. This ranks them ahead of any other company in the world, which means Starbucks leads the way in eco-friendliness and is the greenest company in the world. They have no plans to slow down either. Starbucks has announced that they expect to double the number in 2016! You can have your environmentally-friendly coffee and drink it, too.

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