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Nutella Refuses to Customize Jar for 5-Year-Old Girl Named After Egyptian Goddess Isis

A five-year-old girl is missing out on Nutella’s “Make Me Yours” campaign, which allows customers to personalize jars of the popular hazelnut spread with their own names, in her native Australia because of her name — Isis. Isis Taylor’s aunt, who first attempted to buy five personalized jars for Isis and her brother Odhinn at a department store, ran into trouble right away, with both names being flagged by a store computer as “problematic.” While Odhinn was eventually accepted, the name “Isis,” a moniker for the Islamic State terrorist organization, was refused. When asked for a comment, leaders with Nutella said their policy prevents them from printing names that may be misinterpreted by the broader community. 

Maine Wants to Ban Food Stamp Users from Purchasing Candy and Soda

We’ve learned one New England state could be the latest to ban junk food purchases made with food stamps. Leaders in Maine are just one group of many attempting to restrict SNAP users from utilizing their own discretion when purchasing groceries with the federal government-backed stamps. Maine’s Governor Paul LePage has long been pushing for limitations on food stamps and according to the Wall Street Journal, he sent a proposal to the USDA to ban food stamp users from purchasing soda and candy. The proposal is slightly less restrictive than the bill that passed this past summer in the House of Representatives, which would have banned all junk food SNAP purchases in Maine. The bill went no further than the House and inevitably failed on the Senate floor. According to USDA statistics, the federal food stamp program cost the government nearly $70 billion in benefits last year, down from roughly $76 billion in 2013.            

Chicago Hot Dog Chain Portillo’s Credited with Helping Woman Live to 100

An elderly woman from Illinois who passed away last week told a reporter shortly before her death that the key to a long and healthy life was not exercise or avoiding drinking or smoking, but rather eating at a popular Chicago-based restaurant chain! Helen Diekman, who was 100 years old, credited popular chain Portillo’s for her longevity and she stopped by as often as three times a week and always ordered the same thing: a hot dog with everything except hot peppers, fries, and a Diet Coke. Get this, her 100th birthday was even held at a location in the Chicago suburbs just a few weeks ago. We should note: The chain’s iconic Chicago-style hot dogs ranks among The Daily Meal’s list of America’s 75 Best Hot Dogs.

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