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The Daily Dish: This Burger Was Just Sold for $10,000 for Charity in Dubai

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This Burger Was Just Sold for $10,000 for Charity in Dubai

We seem to be universally obsessed with fast foods made for the one percent. At least this newly crowned most expensive burger in the world was sold for a good cause. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, chairman of the Department of Statistics and Community Development of the United Arab Emirates, recently sold four of his signature burgers for charity, one of which was sold for a whopping $10,000. The funds benefited the Pink Caravan’s Pink Bite breast cancer charity event in Dubai. So what does the lucky auction winner receive in exchange for the 10-grand price tag? The towering burger is stacked with seven beef patties (to represent the seven emirates of the UAE), aged cheddar cheese, and veal bacon strips sandwiched inside a saffron-cheddar bun.

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Photos c/o The Bletchley

This Spy-Themed Pop-Up Bar Makes You Crack Codes to Order Cocktails

Grab your magnifying glass and your best disguise — the game is afoot! There’s a spy-themed popup bar in London that makes you crack top-secret codes to order your cocktail. The Bletchley — named after the headquarters of the famous World War II codebreakers — will only be open this week. Once inside, codebreakers will be given secret spy names and will use World War II-era cipher machines to solve puzzles and crack codes. Once these tasks are completed, mixologists will prepare a cocktail for each guest based on his or her personality, tastes, and — presumably — the results of the initial test. Join the throngs of eager wannabe spies by putting your name on the waiting list here. Tickets cost £30 per person ($37 USD) and include three drinks.

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General Mills / Wikimedia Commons

Don’t Plant Those Cheerios Seeds! They May Grow Into Highly Invasive Plants

Last week we reported that the cheery cereal mascot BuzzBee had been removed from Honey Nut Cheerios boxes to call attention to the global disappearance of bees. General Mills is also encouraging direct action by handing out millions of wildflower seeds inside boxes of Cheerios. While this may sound like a great idea in theory, Lifehacker figured out that some of the wildflower species included with your cereal purchase might not be very bee-friendly. “No plant is inherently ‘bad’, but many species can and have caused a great deal of damage when they are introduced into locations outside of their native range,” ecologist and invasive plant specialist Kathryn Turner told Lifehacker. In a separate statement, General Mills has denied that the wildflower seeds selected would grow up to be invasive or harmful.

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Starbucks Now Sells Avocado Toast

Starbucks is finally jumping on the avocado toast train, and has announced the addition of an “organic avocado spread” to select outlets. The avocado spread will be made with fresh, organic Hass avocados, sea salt, onion, garlic, jalapeño pepper, and lime juice. The spread only costs 95 cents and comes in a convenient to-go packet, so you can spread it on the toast or bagel vehicle of your choice. Preliminary reviews suggest that the spread tastes more like guacamole than avocado toast, and some reviewers are skeptical of the spread’s bright green color.

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PVDonuts / Facebook

This Rhode Island Bakery Is Making Doughnut Versions of Your Favorite ‘90s Snacks

Artisanal doughnut shop PVDonuts launched a ‘90s-themed doughnut menu this month and it includes versions of your favorite childhood snacks, including Wildberry Pop-Tarts and Dunkaroos. Throwback flavors include Pop Rocks, Moon Pie, Cosmic Brownie, and Hawaiian Punch-infused munchkins. The menu also has cereal-inspired treats based on Rice Krispies, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and French Toast Crunch.

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