The Daily Dish: Budweiser’s Super Bowl Commercial Sends Powerful Pro-Immigrant Message

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Budweiser’s Super Bowl Commercial Sends Powerful Pro-Immigrant Message

Super Bowl LI is several days away, but people are already talking about this year’s commercials, most notably Budweiser’s. The pro-immigration story of Anheuser-Busch founder Adolphus Busch’s journey to America will surely resonate with viewers, especially in light of President Trump’s recent immigration ban. The advertisement begins with an eerie voiceover saying, “You don’t look like you’re from around here,” and follows the story of Busch as he leaves his family in Germany to chase his dreams of making beer in America. The commercial shows how Busch encountered xenophobia — passersby taunt “go back where you came from” the second he hits American soil — and how he survived other hardships that still ring true for immigrants today. The commercial ends with a slogan, “Anheuser-Busch: Where Nothing Stops Your Dream.” Of course, the ad itself has paved the way for a new trending hashtag, #BoycottBudweiser.


Hooters to Open New Restaurant Concept Sans Scantily Clad Servers

When you think Hooters, you probably picture tacky sex appeal. But the original “breastaurant” chain’s newest dining concept will actually focus on the food. “Hoots,” a fast-casual spinoff of the iconic Hooters, will hire both male and female workers. Instead of luring customers with women dressed in tight orange shorts and revealing tank tops, Hoots will be focused on high-quality counter-service food (a simplified version of the original Hooters menu) and will have a full-service bar, according to Business Insider. The first Hoots will open just outside of Chicago in Cicero, Illinois, in mid-February with more locations to follow.

Tokyo Bargain Mania

Japan Debuted Kit Kat Sushi, and It Looks Amazing

Japan has debuted Kit Kat sushi, created to commemorate the historic opening of the first street-facing Kit Kat candy shop in Japan. There are many Kit Kat specialty shops in Japan already, but they're all in department stores or shopping centers. This new one will have its own storefront, in Tokyo’s posh Ginza neighborhood, according to Kotaku. Each Kit Kat set includes three pieces of “sushi,” designed to look like tuna, egg, and sea urchin rolls — but there’s no actual fish involved. The “tuna” sushi is really a raspberry Kit Kat on top of puffed rice with white chocolate. The set of three costs $26, and will be available at the Ginza Kit Kat shop from Feb. 2 to 4.


You Can Now Order Chocolate on Demand at the Touch of a Button

You can now order chocolate on demand at the push of a button thanks to Amazon’s new Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button. Dash Buttons are real-life buttons that connect to your Amazon account via Wi-Fi and let you order essentials like toilet paper, garbage bags, and laundry detergent. But Amazon has since expanded the definition of “essentials” to include a box of small-batch chocolates. Samples resemble monthly subscription boxes and can include artisanal chocolate bars, whoopie pies, almond toffee, peanut butter macaroons, and Belgian chocolate popcorn. The price of convenience does not come cheap, though: Each touch of the Surprise Sweets Dash Button costs $18.


McDonald’s Adds Chocolate to the Iconic Shamrock Shake


When Valentine’s Day is long gone and the weather starts to warm up, it can only mean one thing: The arrival of Shamrock season at McDonald’s. This year, after more than four decades of the same minty-green recipe, the seasonal St. Patrick’s Day-themed shake is getting a chocolate upgrade with some tasty new drinks. The new offerings include the McCafé Shamrock Chocolate Shake and the McCafé Shamrock Hot Mocha. Don’t worry though; you can still get the original shake.