The Daily Dish: Angry Sushi Chefs Start Actual Knife Fight

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The Daily Dish - September 13, 2016

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Wikimedia/Japan Sushi

Angry Sushi Chefs Start Actual Knife Fight

Police were called to a Long Island Japanese restaurant this weekend to settle a fight after tensions between two chefs got so heated that they actually went after each other with their knives. The incident occurred at the Ichiban Sushi restaurant and hibachi grill, and one of the two combatants was so sliced up in the fight that he had to be rushed to the hospital. His doctors said he would be OK. The restaurant manager said he had no idea how things got so out of hand, and that both of the chefs were new to the restaurant.



Woman Wins Pizza for a Year, Donates It All to Homeless Kids

A Detroit woman who was lucky enough to win free pizza for a year from her local Little Caesar's decided to pay it forward and donate the whole prize to the homeless. The winner, 19-year-old Hannah Spooner, said she knew right away that she wanted to donate all the pizza to Covenant House Michigan, a center for homeless youths. Covenant House serves three meals a day as part of its regular work, and organizers said the pizza would be a special and much-appreciated treat.


Facebook/Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Deli Offers Free Giant Sandwich to Fashion Week Models

Carnegie Deli has created a gigantic new sandwich for New York Fashion Week, and it’s offering a free one to Fashion Week models. The sandwich is made with a mountain of “Paparazzi Pastrami,” “Trendy Turkey,” a “Snapshot of Stylish Swiss,” and is topped with lettuce, tomato and onion on “Runway Rye Bread.” The sandwich will be available throughout September and costs $29.99 — unless you’re a runway model capable of finishing the thing in one sitting.


Guac the Vote

‘Guac the Vote’ Will Register Voters at Taco Trucks on Every Corner

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Latinos for Trump made headlines this month when one if its members warned voters of an “ominous future” with “taco trucks on every corner.” The hilarious blunder has unintentionally led the way for a new movement called “Guac the Vote” to get voters participating in the coming election. The campaign from the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce aims to turn taco trucks into mobile voter registration vehicles that both satisfy your appetite and fulfill your American patriotic duty in one fell swoop. Guac the Vote’s ambition is to get a taco truck at every polling location in America this year.