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The Daily Dish - November 9, 2016

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175,000 Salmon Accidentally Killed at Fish Farm in Scotland

Marine Harvest, one of the world’s largest seafood companies — and the largest producer of Atlantic salmon — accidentally killed 175,000 salmon being farm-raised in Scotland while treating the fish for lice and disease. This isn’t the first instance of the accidental slaughter of massive amounts of fish: Just this past summer, approximately 95,000 fish were killed on a salmon farm in Loch Greshornish, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, by a new device called the Thermoslicer. This is a drug-free chemical treatment system that suddenly increases water temperature to kill sea lice, according to the Steinsvik website. However, the quick change in temperature can also accidentally kill the fish, which is what happened to the Marine Harvest salmon. The Compassion in World Farming animal welfare group is opposed to this “brutal form of treatment.” “Killing fish by overheating, whether accidental or not, is simply inhumane,” the group’s chief executive, Philip Lymbery, told The Ferret.


Coffee Flour

Gluten-Free Coffee Flour Can Help Clean Up the Environment

Coffee Flour, formulated by Dan Belliveau, might be the latest solution to not only improve on gluten-free products but also help the environment. During the coffee-making process, the remaining pulp of the coffee cherry is discarded and left to build up and decay in fields and rivers, according to the company website. Belliveau, a former Starbucks executive, is using his patent-pending process in an effort to recycle the coffee byproduct by collecting coffee cherries and converting them into gluten-free flour, Beverage Daily reported. The nutrient-rich flour has been used as a replacement for wheat flour in baked goods at Sprouts, a natural grocery store chain in the U.S., and in cafés in the U.S. and London


America’s Test Kitchen

America’s Test Kitchen Files Lawsuit Against Editor-Publisher Christopher Kimball

Last week, the owners of America’s Test Kitchen filed a lawsuit against editor-publisher and TV personality Christopher Kimball for “ripping off” the Boston-based TV and radio show for his new brand, Milk Street. The 39-page lawsuit claims that Kimball, who founded America's Test Kitchen as part of his Cook's Illustrated empire but parted ways with the enterprise last November, built his new venture while on the America’s Test Kitchen’s payroll and used its database and recipes as sources for Milk Street, which would make the brand a direct competitor with ATK, The Boston Globe reported. “At least 15 former and current ATK employees and freelancers now work for Milk Street,” states the lawsuit. “This case is not about legitimate competition — it is about a profoundly disloyal fiduciary.” According to The New York Times, Kimball said most of the allegations were false or twisted interpretations.


BOMB Coffee

Veterans Start BOMB Coffee to Help America’s Armed Forces

BOMB Coffee, co-founded by veteran Robert Pricipato and three other veterans, is a specialty, single-origin coffee packed with twice the caffeine of normal coffee. Pricipato told FoodNavigator-USA that he used to consume a lot of energy drinks while in the military, since regular coffee didn’t provide the jolt of energy that he needed. “BOMB Coffee wants to change what is going on in the industry… by creating a more natural alternative to energy drinks that can help our military and veterans stay awake so they can protect our country,” he said. BOMB Coffee will donate 22 percent of its profits this November to organizations that work with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and organizations that address the issue of veteran suicide, FoodNavigator-USA reported. The number 22 comes from the statistic that 22 veterans take their own lives every day, according to the BOMB Coffee’s website.



Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon Invest in David Chang’s Delivery-Only Service

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David Chang’s culinary empire has only expanded since he opened Momofuku Noodle Bar in 2004, as he has dived into restaurants, bars, and even a lifestyle and food magazine and website called Lucky Peach. One of Chang’s latest projects, Ando, a delivery-only food service, has caught the attention of stars Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon. Ando’s unique business model services select New York City neighborhoods (currently Midtown East). The service prepares high-quality meals at an undisclosed location and delivers them in an Uber-style fashion. "As a brand that stands for craft and quality, trying to reinvent a category, we bring on people who share those same high standards," co-founder Hooman Radfar told Mashable. "These are guys who are experts at their craft.”