Is This the Craziest Thing Someone Has Done for Free Food?

Do they really think a higher power is going to pay their bill?


 Photo Modified: Flickr/vxla/CC 2.0

If you order food, you have to pay for it.

Have you ever skipped out on a restaurant bill and been caught? If so, what was your excuse? If you were lucky, you most likely just apologized, paid, and left. If you were unlucky, you very well might have ended up spending the night in jail. But recently we’ve seen a couple examples of people skipping out on their restaurant bill and making a claim that someone else would be paying for it. That someone else? Jesus Christ.

Back in October, a woman named Kristi Rhines ordered food and drinks at a restaurant in Lawton, Oklahoma. When the bill came she told her server that while she was unable to pay for her meal, her husband was on his way, and he’d pay for it. Unfortunately, she also told the managers that her husband’s name was Jesus Christ. The police were called, and she was taken to jail.

More recently, a Myrtle Beach woman named April Lee Yates spent four hours dining at a seafood restaurant, and was finally asked by management to pay her bill and leave after “causing a disturbance.” When it became clear that this wasn’t something she was ready to do, the police were called. She confirmed to the cops that she didn’t have any money, but explained that Jesus would pick up her tab. She was arrested and charged with defrauding the restaurant.


A word of advice: When you visit a restaurant, make sure you have enough money to pay for your meal. If you don’t, it’s probably not smart to tell the proprietors that a higher power will be paying.