What Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain, And 14 Other TV Food Stars Looked Like Before They Were Famous

Sometimes it's easy to forget that everyone was young once. When it comes to celebrity chefs, we're so accustomed to seeing them on television that it doesn't even occur to some to think about what they might have looked like when they were younger. Well, it occurred to us, so we tracked down photos of 16 of the biggest TV food stars as youngsters.

What Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain, and 14 Other TV Food Stars Looked Like Before They Were Famous (Slideshow)

Everyone started somewhere, and despite varied beginnings, each of these stars fell in love with food and followed his or her aspirations to achieve success. Some grew up watching their families cook, others were inspired while traveling abroad, others found their passion after getting their hands dirty in professional kitchens, and still others found their way onto the Food Network set with no particular training whatsoever.

You won't find some of these photos anywhere else, because in most cases they were sent to us by the stars themselves (or their representatives). Some are instantly recognizable, and others will most likely leave you scratching your head. Some photos are of the stars when they were still kids, and others when they were teens, but the collection is certainly impressive.

Click through to see photos of your favorite TV food stars when they were much younger. We'll give you a couple hints along with the photo and then reveal who they are in the next slide. See how many you can figure out!

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