Buffalo Wild Wings' Pumpkin Spice Chicken Wings Have Upset The Internet

You can find just about anything pumpkin spice-flavored on the market nowadays, including deodorant, mole sauce, cheese, dog treats, sausage and soda. We can't say we ever saw this coming, but we can now tack chicken wings on to that list. Buffalo Wild Wings has released a new limited-edition pumpkin ale sauce made with barbecue seasoning and pumpkin spice — and Twitter isn't having it.

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"Some things should just never occur. Thought better of you," @BBNontheFly tweeted at the chain.

"I just threw up a little," @jjrondo77 said.

"I thought they were disgusting. My wife thought they were good. My wife does have questionable taste... she married me," @Tater3154Hay said.

"This has GOT to stop!" @gigglez8201 exclaimed.

@GoCardsAD portrayed his thoughts via a GIF of former "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, who famously said, "Yeah, it's a no from me dawg."

And @NickKilpatrick1 posted one of "Project Runway" fashion consultant Tim Gunn sticking his tongue out in disgust. Clearly he does not think BWW can "make it work."

@jrdulka, who actually tried them, said, "Wait, these are actually amazing. Not really a fan of BWW, but that's a really quality pumpkin bbq sauce."

And @Phils08champs described them as "absolutely insane." So don't knock it 'til you try it, folks!

Buffalo Wild Wings' barbecue pumpkin ale sauce will only be available through the end of October. Will this sweet and savory combination touch your autumn-loving soul? Or will it be just another pumpkin spice product that's taken the flavor too far?