Bristol Farms Offers Bounty of Options for Summer Grilling

Grilled steak at Bristol Farms

I recently visited the Bristol Farms Woodland Hills supermarket to chat with Corporate Chef Mazin Shamon and find out a few summer grilling tips.

We headed to the vast fresh meat selection and checked out the bounty of steaks available. Chef Shamon recommended using the New York and rib eye steaks for grilling because of their even marbling. He chose a nice Wagyu dry aged New York steak for it’s flavor and well distributed fat content. Bristol Farms provides 28-day dry aged steaks which helps maximize flavor and provide a better crust for grilling.

Chef Shamon also selected a dry aged prime rib eye which has a little bit more fat than the New York steak. Bristol Farms also offers a variety of other cuts, including a very affordable beef loin tri-tip which was on sale during my visit for only $10.99 a pound.

The butchers at all Bristol Farms locations will also marinade any steak with one of their many marinade sauces. Chef Shamon recommends calling a few days ahead to request this service and allowing steaks to marinade for at least two days.

After selecting our steaks, we headed to the patio to discuss grill tips for cooking the perfect steak.

“The first step is to choose your favorite steak, marinade and seasoning,” said Chef Shamon. Once these decisions are made, follow the below steps to grill the perfect steak.


  1. Light the grill and cover it. The heat needs to reach 600 degrees before putting the meat on the grill.


  1. While the grill is heating, prepare your steak with salt, pepper and olive oil. You can also season with a spice rub or marinade. If marinating, start the marinade up to three days ahead of grilling.


  1. Once the grill is at 600 degrees, place the steak on the grill and cover. After two minutes, rotate the steak 90 degrees to produce grill marks. Cover and cook another two minutes.


  1. Flip the steak and cook on the other side for four minutes leaving the grill open.


  1. Take out the steak and let it rest for 5 to 7 minutes to let the juices redistribute.


  1. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil or butter on top of the steak after it has rested.


  1. Use a regular chef’s knife and cut the steak against the grain at a 45-degree angle. A 5 to 7 minute rest should result in a medium rare steak that is pink in the middle.


  1. Bristol Farms also carries a wide variety of sauces, including a hone sracha and a raspberry chipotle sauce to serve with steaks and other grilled meats. They also carry a wide variety of sides including salads, vegetables and sauces to add to your summer bbq.


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