The Best Cheesesteaks Outside of Philly Slideshow

Enrique C./Yelp

The cheesesteaks at Big Red’s in Madison are MASSIVE — the sandwiches are more than big enough to satisfy the hungry masses sauntering down University Avenue in search of food when the lights go on at the bars.

Big Red’s Steaks, Madison, Wis.

Enrique C./Yelp

The cheesesteaks at Big Red’s in Madison are MASSIVE — the sandwiches are more than big enough to satisfy the hungry masses sauntering down University Avenue in search of food when the lights go on at the bars.

Doogies, Newington, Conn.

Josh T./Yelp

This is a true restaurant for cheesesteak-seekers outside of Philly. Go with a friend, split a cheesesteak and Doogies’ famous two-foot hot dog, and leave happy and satisfied. 

South Philly Experience, Los Angeles

Joey N./Yelp

The Unvegan reviews this tasty LA food truck: “When my sandwich was given to me, it was wrapped in some paper dripping with Wiz and grease.  Perfect.  I ripped open the paper and dug in.  This was a delicious blend of beef and cheese and bread.  The beef was juicy, and oh so flavorful.  It probably would have been good enough on its own, but the Wiz made it even better.  I downed it in as few bites as possible and despite the obvious caloric intake, I was ready for more.”

Gino’s Cheese Steak, Dallas

This family establishment in Dallas flies in fresh-baked Amoroso’s buns and rolls in from Philadelphia daily. The establishment offers all sorts of takes on the classic sandwich, including the “Pizza” cheesesteak with tomato sauce, bell peppers, and provolone; and the “La Torta” cheesesteak with grilled onions, special sauce, jalapenos, and provolone.

Way South Philly, Austin

Yelp/Amanda M.

Among the offerings at this Austin, TX establishment are the “Balboa,” a cheesesteak with sautéed onions and Cheese Whiz and the “Tommy Gunn” with grilled steak, bacon, and pepperoni sautéed in a blend of peppers and onions.

Choo Choo Bar and Grill, Superior, Wis

This spot in northern Wisconsin looks like a complete hole in the wall on the outside but when you enter it actually has modern, wood-paneled décor and pretty tasty food. If you ever find yourself in the north woods, stop by the Choo Choo and get a cheesesteak and 34-ounce beer. 

Philly’s Best, Chicago

Yelp/Jeni H.

Arguably the best spot for Philly cheesesteaks in the Windy City, Philly’s Best serves its cheesesteaks in two sizes so they are fit for a meal or, if you’re trying to watch your figure, a snack.

Pop’s Philly Cheese Steaks, Las Vegas

Norm K./Yelp

If you travel to Vegas from Philadelphia and end up losing a bunch of money, at least you can imbibe in some of the comforts of home. Pop’s boasts that it “special orders all of its high-quality cheesesteak ingredients including rolls, meat, cheeses, everything except fresh produce, directly from the City of Brotherly Love; Philadelphia.”

Shorty’s, New York City

Chris H./Yelp

This spot at 576 9th Avenue, between 41st and 42nd streets, boasts of having the most authentic Philly cheesesteak in all of Manhattan. To go along with its exquisite sandwiches, it also serves onion rings that are deep-fried in Yuengling beer batter that make you wonder why this method is the exception, not the norm.

Campus Deli, Pittsburgh, Penn.

Pittsburgh Magazine writes that this is the best cheesesteak you will find in Pittsburgh. Campus Deli uses Boar’s Head meats and has its bread shipped directly from Philadelphia’s legendary Breadworks.

Cheese Steak Shop, San Francisco


Serving cheesesteaks in the Bay Area since 1982, this establishment has its bread shipped in from Amoroso and treats shipped in from Tastykakes to create the authentic Philadelphia experience.

Jersey’s Cafe, Carmel, Ind.

Matt O./Yelp

This Indiana spot, which was visited by Guy Fieri on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, has more than 15 cheesesteaks on its menu, including the 9th and Passyunk cheesesteak topped with fried onions and sharp, creamy Cheez Whiz.

Taste of Philly, multiple locations in Colorado

Rachel S./Yelp

This delicious cheesesteak restaurant has its Amoroso’s bread and Tastykake treats shipped directly from Philly. 

Carl’s Steaks, New York City

Mei L./Yelp

Carl’s website boasts that the New York Post claimed it was “better here than Philadelphia.” Perhaps giving this claim some credence, Philadelphia named their cheesesteaks to be “the best in Manhattan”.

Joey’s Famous Philly Cheese Steaks, Detroit, Mich.

Junho C./Yelp

The first of many establishments on this list to have its Amoroso’s bread and Tastykakes shipped directly from Philadelphia, you should definitely drown your sandwich with Frank’s birch beer or black cherry soda. Maybe get two drinks, so you can gulp voraciously without having to worry about finishing your soda before the sandwich.