Pillsbury Brownie Bark/Pillsbury Brownie Bark/TNS

Best Bites: Pillsbury Brownie Bark Mix

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By Daniel Neman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Pillsbury Brownie Bark/Pillsbury Brownie Bark/TNS

Pillsbury Brownie Bark Mix

For people who crave the smell of fresh-baked brownies in the house but don't want all of the calories, Pillsbury has come out with a mix for thin, crispy brownie bark. It's ridiculously easy to make (add 1/2 stick of butter and 5 tablespoons of water), and in less than 25 minutes you have your own, sort-of homemade version of the snack another company calls Brownie Brittle.

Size: 10.58 ounces

Price: $2.50 to $3.50

Available: Grocery stores everywhere

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