American Brasserie The Fourth Serves a Fabulous Jazz Brunch Just Off New York’s Union Square

The Fourth’s Jazz Brunch is a refreshing way and delicious was to catch live music during the day


The Fourth serves their Jazz Brunch every Sunday from noon to 3:00 p.m.

The Fourth is so smartly situated—and decorated— that you forget you’re steps away from the chaos of Union Square. It also helps to be seated front row center as up and coming musicians perform live jazz.

Every Sunday from 12 to 3 p.m., Jazz Brunch is served in a stunning red and white dining room lined with a set of cozy tables that are positioned to give you a highly intimate experience with the band.

As for the artist in the kitchen, executive chef Marco Moreira has executed some very savory brunch options, like crunchy brioche French toast with mascarpone cheese; a Swiss chard and honshimeji mushroom egg white frittata; Chef Marco’s Breakfast, a sixty second sirloin steak, araucana egg, and toasted brioche; and fennel and sage chicken meatballs with poached araucana egg, creamy grits, and tomato fondue.

It’s a refreshing way to catch live music during the day without having to brave the elements or stand on your feet, and the food is pretty darn delicious.

I can dig it — and suggest you waste no time digging in. 

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