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50 Things You Need to Get Done Before Summer

Start doing these things ASAP

You may be in the middle of an attack of spring allergies, but summer is just around the corner. Once the sun’s out and the temps are up you’ll want to have everything ready to go for pool time with the kids, backyard grilling and drinks, lounging on the beach, or even just relaxing in front of your AC.

The Daily Meal has compiled the perfect checklist for you of everything you need to get done before June 21, the first official day of summer. They range from mundane activities like sorting your winter blankets back into your linen closet and power-washing your deck to more exciting tasks like scheduling that perfect summer hair chop and making the perfect summer playlist.

50 Things You Need to Get Done Before Summer

Summer may be coming soon, but we have no doubts that you can get through this list before the temperature consistently breaks 75 degrees. Stock up on sunscreen, fake tan, pool noodles, and beach towels before your summer vacation! You don’t want to be caught unaware in Bermuda with a bikini that doesn’t fit! Check out this list of the 50 things you need to get done before summer and start checking things off. H.A.G.S.!

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