2017’s 10 Craziest Ballpark Foods

We’re not quite sure that these have any reason to exist

The Toronto Blue Jays are serving fries topped with pulled pork, sliced sausage, and barbecue bacon gravy. 

When we’re watching a baseball game, there are certain foods we’re basically hard-wired by this point to crave: hot dogs, pretzels, peanuts, Cracker Jack. But over the past few years, major league ballparks have been falling over themselves to sell creations that get more and more crazy (in no small part for publicity just like this), and 2017 is no exception.

2017’s 10 Craziest Ballpark Foods (Slideshow)

Going out to the ballgame isn’t just an opportunity to watch a baseball game anymore, as strange as that might sound. Humble, no-frills ballparks have been replaced by gleaming, billion-dollar behemoths with amenities like roof decks, high-end restaurants, “fan zones” of all sorts, kids’ playrooms, batting cages, and sports bars in an effort to cater, apparently, to people who have no interest in actually watching the game.

In that same spirit, stadium food service providers like Aramark and Delaware North have worked with baseball teams to annually unveil an ever-increasing variety of usually massive, artery-clogging dishes, typically some sort of mashup of questionable creativity, to sell to the distracted masses at inflated prices.


If all of this sounds tempting to you, we recommend you do a little research on your home team’s new culinary offerings before you head out to the stadium this season and see what’s cooking. As for us, we’ll be sticking with our hot dog, pretzel, and overpriced beer.