189 by Dominique Ansel Presents What Mom Cooked on Sundays Dinners

189 by Dominique Ansel's lasagna
shaena engle

189 by Dominique Ansel's lasagna

189 by Dominique Ansel, located at The Grove, has launched a series of Sunday night dinners highlighting dishes included in traditional Sunday family night suppers.


Dinners include the Italian Supper (September 16) with a burrata and tomato salad; arancini with mozzarella; veal and pork meatballs; Diavolo clams with fire-roasted red peppers; lasagna Bolognese and an anise pizzellle for dessert.


September 23rd’s Filipino dinner includes eggrolls with carrots and sweet pickled relish; bbq chicken skewers; pickled green papaya salad; roasted pork belly; garlic fried rice and leche flan.


September 30th’s French dinner includes a leek salad with quail egg; herb cheese and baguette; pancetta and onion tart; cassoulet with confit duck legs; sausage and pork belly and tart tartin for dessert.


The October 7th Korean dinner includes a vegetable pancake; Japchae with marinated beef and vegetables in glass noodles; Kimchee fried rice; braised short ribs with chestnuts and diakan and a sweet pancake for dessert.


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Dinners are from 5:30 to 10 pm and are $45 per person.