12 Restaurants That Made the Biggest Splash in 2015

These new restaurants shook up the food world in their respective cities

Chef Sarah Grueneberg is turning out spectacular house-made pasta at Chicago's Monteverde.

Out of the thousands upon thousands of restaurants that open across the country every year, only a handful really make a certified splash, ending up on both local and national radars and receiving enough buzz and positive press to elicit big crowds from day one. Here are 13 restaurants that opened in 2015 that people will most likely be talking about for years to come.

12 Restaurants That Made the Biggest Splash in 2015 (Slideshow)

With the most high-profile restaurant openings, advance buzz usually kicks into high gear months before the first customers dine there. There are several ways an incoming restaurant can whip a whole city into a frenzy: It can be a new location of a restaurant that’s already beloved in other cities, a big-name celebrity chef can be involved, or the PR team can do a great job of getting word out that something truly special is on its way, getting media outlets to take notice.

In order to make a certified splash, a restaurant not only needs to have a high amount of buzz going in advance of its opening, it needs to impress its guests from day one, and keep the momentum going well after the initial hype has died off. The initial hype for most of these restaurants is still going strong, but they’ve been open long enough to receive a rubber stamp of approval from the restaurant-going public (as well as reviewers).


So read on to learn which restaurants should definitely be on your radar the next time you find yourself in any of the cities they’re in. From a sceney new Jewish deli in New York from one of its most successful restaurant groups to a Chicago restaurant that brings in a new “chef in-residence” every few months, these restaurants are ones that every restaurant lover should know about.