10 Unexpected Finds at Whole Foods

Who knew that Whole Foods would have items like these in stock?

There are some mighty interesting products lurking on Whole Foods' shelves.

Whole Foods is a very interesting place. They stock such a wide assortment of merchandise that the odds are pretty good that some of the items they sell are going to be pretty wild. With some help from the company itself, we tracked down 10 of the most unexpected finds at Whole Foods.

10 Unexpected Finds at Whole Foods (Slideshow)

If you’ve ever spent any time browsing the aisles at this popular chain (as opposed to just running in for a few things), you’ve probably noticed a few items that you wouldn’t expect the store to be selling, ones that you’ve probably never even encountered before. We’re not talking about one-off oddities like asparagus water, either; these are all items that are made by or sold exclusively to Whole Foods, ones that the folks in corporate obviously signed off on — and you can find many of them at a Whole Foods near you.

Every Whole Foods is different, and regional managers are given a lot of leeway to stock their stores with locally-sourced products that may otherwise not be commonly available. For this reason, you might walk into one Whole Foods and see ostrich eggs or white alba truffles for sale, then walk into another in the next state and see a whole swordfish and morel mushrooms. That’s part of what makes Whole Foods interesting: You never really know what you’re going to encounter.


While some of these items are only available at certain Whole Foods Markets or during certain times of year, the majority of them can be found at your local Whole Foods right now, and are sold through one of Whole Foods’ private labels, like 365. So the next time you drop in to any of the chain’s locations to pick up a few things, pay attention to all the items you come across, even if the variety is dizzying; you’ll probably discover something brand new!