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10 Dishes You Must Order Before Winter Ends

Once the weather warms up, these dishes will lose a little bit of their luster

Winter is good for a handful of things: getting cozy, going skiing, having an excuse to stay in on Saturday night. But if there’s one thing that winter can claim ultimate bragging rights for over all other seasons, it’s the food. These 10 dishes are perfect for chasing away the winter blues, and just aren’t the same once the weather warms up.

10 Dishes You Must Order Before Winter Ends (Slideshow)

Now don’t get us wrong: spring, fall, and summer are no slouches in the food department either. But on a steamy summer day, have you ever wanted to curl up in a cozy restaurant and eat a big plate of something warm and comforting? No! You want to eat a fish taco or a hot dog at an outdoor picnic table, or maybe some avocado toast or salad at that new healthy spot.

During the winter, you can let yourself (and your waistline) go for a little while and let hearty, soothing dishes warm you up from the inside. When it’s cold out, we crave rich, delicious comfort foods that (albeit briefly) help us forget about the snow and wind blowing outside. When it’s 80 degrees outside, those same dishes lose their luster a little bit, and our desire to eat them decreases. So while the weather’s still cold, don’t miss your last opportunity to enjoy these 10 classic winter dishes!

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