10 Burger Styles You Didn’t Know Existed

Think you know burgers? They’re a lot more than beef on a bun
White Manna Sliders

Yelp / Tatiana H

Real sliders look nothing like what you find at your local sports bar.

If you’re like most red-blooded Americans, you most likely love burgers. Whether it’s a big patty cooked on your backyard grill or a thin gray sliver from your local fast food joint, you probably think you know about all the types of burgers that are out there. Well, we’ve got some news for you: You probably don’t.

10 Burger Styles You Didn’t Know Existed (Slideshow)

Like many of the most popular foods in the American culinary world, the burger’s origins were simple, coming over with German immigrants and making their mark in the Northeast before making their way across the country (the bun and cheese components were purely American innovations). Because burgers are so simple — just a patty of ground beef on a bun — they’re open to interpretation, and no shortage of enterprising cooks have made their mark on burgers over the years.

Some burger styles evolved because of necessity (as in adding extenders to the beef), but most simply evolved because somebody decided to have a little fun. Some variations are regional and take advantage of other popular regional foods (like green chiles in New Mexico), but others really could have been invented anywhere, and are culinary wonders. For today’s purposes, we’re not talking about macro burger styles, like a fast food-style burger (thin patty) versus a pub burger (thick patty); we’re talking about ones that are harder to find than your run-of-the-mill In-N-Out-style burger, ones that you legitimately might not know even existed.


So read on to learn about 10 burger styles that might be well-known in certain parts of the country, but definitely not in others. From a burger that’s stuffed with cheese to one that’s loaded with butter, after reading this you may never look at a burger the same way again. You might also have a few new recipes in mind for your next burger night.