Eat Pie on Pi Day

On 3.14, celebrate with a slice

We may not fully appreciate (or understand) the implications of Pi Day (3.14 — get it?), but we sure do love the culinary implications. What better excuse to eat a slice of pie? Here are some tips for throwing an A + Pi Party:

• Captain Obvious says, eat a slice of pie. (Good thing pie sales are on the rise this year.) Throw an apple pie with cream cheese in the oven, or get creative with crack pie (it's that good). Dinner options are just as obvious: make a spicy sausage and ricotta pizza pie, with homemade dough.

• Think outside the box (or circle): Guest of a Guest rounds up other pi-shaped fare, some of which are perfect for a Pi Day celebration. Pi-shaped cookie cutters? Check. Pi-shaped ice cube trays? Check.

• Who needs music when you can bust out some mathematical raps? Props to the kid who educates using Nicki Minaj's "Super Base" — that's talent.

• Raise a glass to a true mathematical genius, Albert Einstein: he would turn 133 today.

• Educate yourself on how the number 3.14 shapes the universe.