EAT Food Forum 2015: Connecting the Science, Politics and Business of Food

From by Lisa Xue
EAT Food Forum 2015: Connecting the Science, Politics and Business of Food

This summer, 500 global leaders will convene Stockholm, Sweden, for the EAT Food Forum 2015. Delegates across interdisciplinary fields covering sciences, business, politics and civil society address the question, “How to feed 9 billion people within the planetary boundaries?”  

The EAT Food Forum recognizesthat scientists, politicians, businesses, and civil society must work together to enable better integration of food, health, and sustainability. The goal for the event is to create an international community of experts and agents of change to allow more holistic approaches to address food issues. 

Among the confirmed high-profile speakers are: Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway; Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden; John Kufuor, former president of Ghana; Andra Rupprechter, Austrian Federal Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, and Water Management; Subramaniam Sathasivam, Malaysian Minister of Health; Paul Bulcke, CEO of Nestlé; and Michael Treschow, Chairman of Unilever. 

Over two days, the forum will offer a mix of panels, talks, and keynotes on a variety of food-related challenges, including epidemics of obesity, global malnutrition, and the agriculture-climate change link. The forum also provides a platform for discussing the food roadmap to 2050. Delegates will define challenges, showcase existing progress, and outline specific goals and guidelines for change. 

The EAT Food Forum is a key event of the EAT Initiative, an international consortium of stakeholders across industries and sectors “which all share the common understanding that it is essential to collectively address the issues of food, health, and sustainability across the fields of academia, business, politics, and civil society”.

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