Easy Recipe Ideas to Make the Most of Fall

Here are some tips to liven up your standard meat and potatoes

I’ve never been a man who copes well with heat and humidity, being genetically prepared for a life on a Scottish hillside. But while summer is a tough time for me, I always have the consolation of summer eating — grilled corn, tomatoes with salt, sweet peaches and plums, dripping slices of watermelon, squash and mint, burgers, hot dogs, Elizabeth’s cherry pie, beers, and mint juleps.

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Once it’s time to break out the flannels and wool socks, I often fall into a cooking rut of meat and potatoes. With no tomatoes or green beans, what’s the point of trying? But fall doesn’t have to be a drag. Fall has its own flavors and joys. And with a little planning, summer eating doesn’t have to be over just because summer is. Here are a few simple tips to keep autumn eating interesting.

— Brooklyn Supper, Babble


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