Easy Egg Salad Upgrades

How to use up all of those leftover Easter Eggs
Egg Salad Ideas

Egg salad was never so tasty!

In the wake of Easter, you are left with what feels like a refrigerator full of eggs. The Easter egg hunt left no dyed eggs undiscovered, and with the holiday past us, you have no more decorative use for them. Don’t let good food go to waste! You can take all of those perfectly hard-boiled eggs and create a delicious egg salad  that can serve as lunch or an easy weeknight dinner.

But egg salad doesn’t have to appear on your table as a typical recipe (unless of course you prefer it that way). There are tons of ways to take your egg salad to the next level. Check out some of our delicious recipe ideas for a successful and flavorful egg repurposing fest!

“Deviled” Egg Salad

Who doesn’t love deviled eggs? They are like the ultimate appetizer and often make everyone happy. Why not make a big bowl of deviled egg style salad, complete with that creamy, tangy, and spicy flavor you love!

Spicy Egg Salad
With a few seasoning swaps and a kick of heat, your egg salad is taken to the next heat level. You can make this egg salad completely customizable to your heat tolerance.

“Dill-licious” Egg Salad

Add a pickled, dill flavor to your egg salad with this fresh and fast recipe!

Tex-Mex Egg Salad


Forget huevos rancheros. This egg salad recipe is ideal for anyone who loves to put a little fiesta into their egg salad.