East River Esplanade

Park, Scenic Lookout
FDR Dr (at E 37th St)
New York, NY 10016


  • Run down to the Staten Island ferries and back and you've just run 7.6 miles!
  • Do not step on any of the metal grates or panels on the ground. When they're wet, they're deadly.
  • Great waterfront running and biking, but just be careful - there are certain points of the path that are more narrow than others. Can cause a bit of a traffic jam!
  • It's a 5k round trip from the East 23rd Street entrance to a little past the Williamsburg Bridge and back!!!
  • There's nothing like an outdoor jog/run to help clear your thoughts!
  • Harder, better, faster, stronger.
  • Run along the East River with other cyclists and joggers or hop on the East River Ferry for a quick trip to Brooklyn.
  • Absolutely beautiful. Best place to get your run on !
  • The path gets narrow at some spots so pedestrians/bikers watch out for each other!
  • just put in your favorite playlist on the iPod and run! Take in the great outdoors!
  • My best place to run
  • Slow around the bends or u can run into a jogger, a vagrant, a fisherman or some kids blazing weed and freestylin'
  • Favorite place to go for a run in the city
  • Great views and usually breezy for the best run path on the east side. Usually busy
  • Come here often? If so, read "Born to Run"
  • Best place to run, but pay close attention to the bicyclist, they WILL run you over.
  • Love to take my dog here in the mornings - he loves it!
  • Scenic and good for running or walking
  • Beautiful sunrise, and amazing evening sky views. It's a real shame that the local administration neglects this park completely. It's seems unsafe and dingy and is not maintained well.
  • Gorgeous view of the water, with the city to your back and various greens around you

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