East Coast Prawning Pte Ltd

Farm, Entertainment, Lake
1020 East Coast Parkway (Marine Parade)
Singapore, 449878


  • Prawnings :)
  • Don't prawn here..... Forever.
  • Not much prawn, cannot smoke, toilet sux, came here for 3 hrs nvr put prawn, how to prawn??
  • They clock your prawning by seconds! It was an ok experience, But I'm not coming back again.
  • Plenty (and plenty) of patience and luck please, and beware of anglers behind you. $18 for an hour of prawning, inclusive of bait and rod.
  • Nice place .... But prawn a bit small and 1hr for $33 is a bit too ex
  • Prawn very small and expansive ....
  • Stay away from this place!! Biggest scam ever! No prawns seen at the bottom, toilet clogged, 12 people were here wasting time and money and caught nothing. SCAM
  • First catch here! Feel a lil bit satisfied though. End the night with two catch. Luck in my hand huh? :)
  • Fishing for $5 per rod. Very fun and challenging.
  • No prawny
  • Sat here for half an hour and didn't see anyone catch any prawn at all! This place is a big waste of time.
  • paitence people!!!
  • Attitude of e owner SUCKS!!! So RUDE!!
  • Waste of mine time.. 3hrs only saw them put abt 10prawn in.. Even pro can't fish anything out of this f**k pond. Rating 0.01/10
  • Waste of mine time here 3hrs only put abt 10prawn in.. even pro can fish anything out of the pond Rating 0.01/10 =(
  • Where are the prawns???
  • Not much prawns here, is a waste of time n money to prawn here! So many rods but not many ppl catch the prawns here. Weak!!!
  • No more salt water fishing..not much prawns at all..should have added them more seeing the no of rods in the freshwater pond...gggrrrrr
  • suck big time. not much prawns .

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