Dylan's Candy Bar Workers Petition for Living Wage

They're looking for a raise, plus an 'end to favoritism'

Workers at Dylan's Candy Bar are hoping to earn $13.99 an hour.

Looks like fast-food workers aren't the only ones looking to up their income; workers at Dylan's Candy Bar (owned by Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren), have launched a petition to ask the high-end candy chain to increase their wages and improve work conditions.

According to the petition, "Most of us started at less than $10/hour, with some of us even making as low as $8.50. We’re supposed to get annual reviews for raises, but they often forget to give us those. On top of the low wages, our schedules and hours change week to week. Nearly the entire sales staff is part time, yet they expect us to have open availability, making it nearly impossible for us to juggle other obligations such as second jobs, school, and family. They refuse to give us any guarantee of the amount of hours we will work each week, and yet they get angry with us when we look for a second job."


The workers are then hoping to present the company with a petition with 2,000 signatures; workers at the flagship had previously presented the company with a petition of their own, only to be told that discussions of compensation should be discussed individually. This time around, they're asking Dylan's Candy Bar to increase hourly wages to $13.99 an hour, give them stable scheduling, and put "an end to favoritism," by establishing "a clear and measurable path for promotions so that advancement is based on hard work and not favoritism." Currently, they have 1,229 signatures.