Dylan's Candy Bar, LeSportsac Made Candy-Print Handbags

Designer collaboration resulted in candy-print backpacks, too

Dylan Lauren, daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren and founder of Dylan's Candy Bar, the successful chain of restaurants and candy shops, is expanding her candy empire into fashion and accessories with a new collaboration with LeSportsac.

According to the New York Post, Lauren teamed up with the accessories brand for a line of brightly colored, candy-printed tote bags and handbags covered with her signature candies and "candy spill" prints. The bags range from $38 for a cosmetics bag to $188 for a weekender bag and are available for pre-order on the Dylan's Candy Bar website.

The flagship Dylan's Candy Bar on New York's Upper East Side has 7,000 kinds of candy and already sells candy-themed products like stationery, toys, jewelry, and lotions. The chain has 60 locations in hotels and department stores, and will be opening a series of new stores in airports. The first airport location will open in JFK's JetBlue Terminal later this year, and eventually Lauren plans for the company to sell its products on in-flight airplanes as well.


In addition to the new store openings, Lauren told the Post that she's also working on a line of designer baby strollers with Maclaren. Expect a bunch of very fancy babies to be wheeled around in foldable, candy-covered strollers soon.