Dwinelle Hall

Row 1

Sather Rd (Frank Schlessinger Way)
Berkeley, CA 94720
Academic Building, Performing Arts

Foursquare Tips

  • The challenge of navigating through Dwinelle is legendary. There are stories of students entering the building as freshmen and emerging, blinking at the sunshine, just in time for graduation.
  • Nastiest bathrooms on campus.
  • Finding a room in Dwinelle can be a confusing/scary mission, don't be ashamed to look at a map! There's a Peet's coffee in this building. Look at the flyers on the walls for student events!
  • Free Wednesday nights? Stop by 155 Dwinelle and watch all the Camp planning in action
  • Come early on weekends to grab an empty room to study!
  • You can easily get lost here. Pay attention to room numbers!
  • For bathrooms, go downstairs one floor.
  • Break a leg to Film 25A Spring 2013 Edition.
  • Bathrooms on the bottom floor got changed from white to a dark color so no more reading random things on the walls
  • best to enter from the front (east main entrance) and not a side entrance if you don't know the building. building designer had to be sadistic and unemployable since.
  • Don't get lost!
  • Maze like building
  • Find the ice cold water fountain on level c!!
  • The bathrooms here are filthy, at least the men's on the 2nd floor. I've never seen so much hair and pee on the floor.
  • Ishi court. Dwinelle's best kept secret.
  • Discover ALL the exits to 145 and 155.
  • Check out the bathroom in 145 dwinelle :-)
  • Don't be afraid to ask someone if you need help finding a room, because just about everyone does get lost in this building. At least at first.
  • This place is a freaking maze. Look at the map before going anywhere.
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