Donuts, Coffee Shop
370 Rhodes Ave, Bldg 1403
Sumter, SC 29152
(803) 666-3240


  • Iced Green tea!!!
  • Finally!!! Just got the best service here yet. #faith thanks Toshia!!!!!
  • I've been going to Dunkin Donuts regularly since I was a kid an I have never been to one SO BAD. I feel like thy don't listen to my order, and he majority of the time the Mess it up. Drive to broad st
  • This DD has been open for about a year now and it is the WORST I've ever been to. Horrible hours, they close out their food early, and that's mediocre at best. I'm really disappointed.
  • Raspberry Iced Tea.....yes!!!!!
  • I've only had one person get my order right...but I still have hope