Duff Goldman Looks Ahead to Food University

The 'Ace of Cakes' star will be teaching a class at the event

Duff Goldman

Pastry chef Duff Goldman has been in the news recently due to his entry into the same-sex marriage debate, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t still going full-speed ahead toward Food University, which will be taking place in Caesars Palace in March. We’ve already spoken with world-renowned pastry chef François Payard, who will be teaching "students" how to cook some of his cookbook classics; Rao’s chef and owner Frank Pellegrino Jr., who will be teaching a class on how to cook up some Italian classics; and host Claudine Pépin, the daughter of famed chef Jacques Pépin. Now we get to hear from arguably the most famous television personality involved with the event, Duff Goldman himself.

"I’ve done demos for [producer Richard Gore] before — he was actually one of the first people to book me back when I was just starting out — and he told me about this project about four years ago!" Goldman told The Daily Meal. "The idea was to take a standard live food demo to the next level, where it’s hands-on, you can walk participants through every step, and leave with a sense of accomplishment. And that’s exactly what he’s achieved."

As for what participants in his classes can look forward to, Goldman will be teaching cake decorating, but "trying to incorporate as many techniques as possible onto one cake," he said. "They’ll be following me along step by step, and we’ll be doing everything from fondant to cutters, knives, airbrushing, and sugar flowers, and then they can take all that knowledge — and a cake — home with them. It’s really something different."

That hands-on approach is what gets Goldman really excited. "Knowledge is priceless," he said. "You can listen, watch, and read all you want, but until you do something you haven’t really learned it."

And while Goldman will be there to teach, he’s still looking forward to having a great time. "I love teaching almost more than decorating," he said. "It’s fun to see that moment of realization, when it clicks."

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