DSF Clothing Company & Art Gallery

520 Haight St (Fillmore)
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 252-8601


  • On any given night you can stumble into d-structure and find them handing out free beer. Sometimes you know they're gonna have a party, other times, it just happens. -Devon C.
  • Ughhhhh it's hot as balls in here. Thank Godzagore for free beer.
  • Devon Chulick at DSF Clothing Company has owed me, and my eyewear brand Bright Futures Sunglasses, a considerable amount of money, for an extended period of time (OVER A YEAR). HE IS A SCAM ARTIST!
  • D-Structure often holds unannounced Happy Hours where shoppers get 10% off and free drinks.
  • Funky clothing, and dont forget the $5 T rack. Theyll make a T for you, too. Very artistic. -Thea S.