Sailor Drinks Half Liter of Rum, Crashes Into Scotland

A drunk sailor crashed a 423-foot ship into Scotland

Wikimedia/Decatur Wine & Spirits

A sailor drank half a liter of rum, then ran a 7,000-ton ship aground in Scotland. 

There are times when a bit of rum is called for, but one of those times is definitely not before one is about to take over the watch on a 7,000-ton ship, as one sailor discovered when he drank way too much rum and crashed a ship full-speed into Scotland.

According to The Independent, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch said the sailor was eight times over the legal limit in February when he ran the ship aground in Scotland at full speed. Investigators say the only officer on duty had consumed a half liter of rum all by himself, then he took watch at midnight. The report says he “became inattentive due to the effects of alcohol consumption.”

The 423-foot ship was traveling from Belfast to Norway with a load of paper, and after running aground it was so damaged it had to be scrapped.

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Unsurprisingly, the drunken sailor was fired by DFDS Seaways, which says it has a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol for employees.