Drought Threatening Fall Harvest

The hot summer weather is putting fall crops in danger

As we all know, Americans have been enduring extreme heat from coast to coast, but now the abnormally warm temperatures are putting crop yields in danger. Due to the weather, Midwestern states are suffering one of the worst droughts in history.

Iowa and Illinois — the top corn and soy bean producing states — have had very little raining during the growing season and will endure the drought for at least another 10 days. With the crops suffering, the entire nation is being affected. The prices of goods have already begun to soar. According to Reuters, with largest area of the U.S. being extremely dry, soy has reached a peak price of $17.23 per bushel, while corn has risen to $8 dollars a bushel.

This dilemma extends past buying ears of corn or soy milk at the grocery store. The price of meat is likely to rise, since corn and soy serve as feed for livestock. The drought is also hurting corn and soy exports, which are some of the U.S.'s lead exports.

Dread the rain? Well, it is time to love it.