Drogerie Medicinal Cocktail Bar Opens in Miami Beach

These aren’t your traditional remedies

The bar opened officially on June 6th at the Albion Hotel.

Albert Trummer, the mastermind behind New York City’s similar bar concept Apotheke, hosted the opening event for Drogerie Medicinal Cocktail Bar last Thursday. Miami.com reports that though there was some initial tension with acquiring permits, Trummer was able to open in the Albion Hotel in Wynwood without a hitch.

Patrons can expect an extensive cocktail list, or as it is called at Drogerie, a “Prescription List.” with drinks separated into categories such as “Stress Relievers” and “Health & Beauty.” Bartenders in white lab coats can make you a Deal Closer, which includes vokda, mint, lime, vanilla, and some Chinese aphrodisiacs to help confirm its namesake.

The drinks are second only to the décor, with street art displayed next to works by acclaimed pop artist Peter Tunney.  Trummer told Miami.com that the couches were a gift from chef Daniel Boulud, who said, “President Bill Clinton, Bruce Springsteen, and other greats once sat on these sofas.”


Drogerie is open to the public this week, and will be administering cures to the weak and weary until 2 a.m.