Would You Wear This Sweet Saba ‘Campari on the Rocks’ Cocktail Ring?

It’s basically an adult ring pop and we’re thrilled

Sweet Saba, known for their specialty candy for adults, has partnered with Campari to create a Campari cocktail ring which infuses the Italian amaro’s flavor into a piece of candy. We are getting major Ring Pop vibes from the crystal-inspired ring that can also be used to garnish a drink besides its more obvious first use (being worn as a chic accessory).

Unlike a Negroni, this Campari ring doesn’t actually contain any alcohol, as it cooks off during the candy-making process. That means you won’t be getting a buzz from this adult take on the childhood favorite, but instead from other than people asking, “Where did you get that gorgeous ring?”

The $62 accessory is the same gorgeous shade of dark red as the bitter beverage, and the candy crystals are painstakingly hand sculpted. If the hefty price tag doesn’t sound too sweet, 10 percent of the proceeds from each ring sold are going to City Harvest, a charity that donates excess food from restaurants and retailers to the hungry. Thinking of purchasing? You could always use the candy to garnish any of these 10 Halloween drinks.

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