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World’s Priciest Vodka Bottle Swiped From Bar in Denmark

The lavish bottle can be seen in an episode of ‘House of Cards’
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Someone has stolen what’s thought to be the most expensive bottle of vodka in the world. The New York Daily News reports that Brian Ingberg, owner of Café 33 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the bottle was displayed, posted about the prized liquor’s disappearance on Facebook.

Alongside a photo of the fancy booze, the owner shared two black-and-white snapshots of the disguised suspect taken from the establishment’s surveillance system.

In the description, the owner values the bottle at $1.3 million. According to Newsweek, the spirit — Russo-Baltique — is only so expensive because its bottle is made of nearly 7 pounds of gold with the same amount of silver and a diamond-encrusted cap. (It seems unlikely there could be anything million-dollar-special about the spirit itself, because vodka specifically isn’t supposed to taste like anything.)

Russo-Baltique was reportedly produced as a promotional item by Latvia-based armored-car manufacturer Dartz Motorz, whose brand identity emphasizes superfluous luxury. As the brand’s owner told the BBC in 2015, “There are a zillion poor people, but there are hundreds of people who really have one and only problem: What to do with their money.” In short, the bottle’s value has much more to do with hype and luxury than craft or quality.

Dartz Motorz decorated the item in homage to early carmaker Russo-Baltique, which ceased production circa 1917 following the Russian Revolution, according to German news outlet Deutsche Welle.

The opulent bottle even appeared in an episode of political drama House of Cards.

Ingberg is offering a reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the person who swiped the vodka, which he claims is one of a kind.

But to make things worse, the uninsured novelty didn’t even belong to Café 33 or its owner. A Russian entrepreneur simply loaned it to the facility for show, The New York Daily News reports.

Although the bar reportedly has thousands of additional liquor bottles, nothing else appeared to have been stolen from the property.

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