Woman, 111, Credits Her Long Life to a Daily Shot of Whisky

She’s upheld the tradition for 58 years!

One 111-year-old woman attributes her long life and sustained health to taking a shot of Scotch whisky every single day.

Grace Jones recently turned 111 years old — and she attributes her longevity to taking a shot of Scotch whisky every single day for the past 58 years. 

“She swears by it,” Jones’ daughter, Deidre McCarthy, revealed to Inside Edition. McCarthy described her mother as a positive thinker, a go-getter, and a devotee of fashion whose sunny outlook on life keeps her going — Scotch whisky aside.

The shot-taking centenarian is referred to affectionately by friends as “Amazing Grace” because she is in excellent physical and mental health despite her age. 

As for which whisky the 111-year-old is partial to, Metro reports that Jones is fond of Teacher’s Highland Cream whisky as well as Famous Grouse.


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